DATES: Thursday evenings in August - Aug 11 and Aug 18 at Hunt Park. Aug 25 and Sep 1 at Leslie Park.

FEES: Adults $20 per clinic or $15 you pre-register. Juniors under 16 are $5.

Pre-registration is open, or just show up at the race! If you like us sign yourself up, if you don't, sign up someone you dislike!

Day of registration starts at 5:30PM, clinics at 5:45PM, and races at 6:30PM.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cyclocross Practice
CX practice continues at Leslie Park this Thursday the 22nd at 5:30 until the waning light.

We'll have barriers set up and a course that we can suffer on enjoy. There might even be a bit more JP to hand out to the worthy.

Keeping legs and lungs tuned for fall.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CXpreX #3 @ BUHR PARK, tonight, Thursday, September 15. The Grand Finale!
Starts promptly at 6pm. 

Still plenty of swag to toss your way. Morgan & York + Jolly Pumpkin are happily part of the scene. 

Come on out! (Behind Cobblestone Farm off of Packard.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CXpreX #2 Slideshow

CXpreX #2 in Pictures. It was a hot and steamy evening, with the racing to match!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Number 2 is in the bag. Great job everyone. Sticky night and you stuck with it!
Unofficial Results for the Unofficial Race
B Race:
1. Paul McKeighan 2.Ryan McKinnie 3.Alan Barnosky 4.David Zeman 5.Donnie Tietsema
A Race: 1.Rich Stark 2.Richard Rainville 3.Ken O'Day 4.Will Cawthorn 5.Rick Morris
Women: 1.Wendy Caldwell 2.Adrienne O'Day (to rectify previous errors, Wendy won the Women's division of last week's unofficial race as well.)
Rich and Richard vied for first in the A Race from start to finish. The B Race had some major skirmishes in the top positions throughout the race, with places changing lap by lap. Exciting stuff! Posting of the series leaders soon.
I'll cull through the photos and try to get a plethora of shots from #2 posted well before CXpreX3. Stay tuned.
CXpreX #3 in two weeks, Thursday, Sept 15 @ 6pm - Buhr Park (behind Cobblestone Farm). Rich the Sadisti...I mean...the Magnificent will lay out another course for your riding and racing pleasure. Plenty of swag still to hand out, joy from Jolly Pumpkin and delectables from Morgan & York. See you at Buhr.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kisscross begins September 11

Kisscross, on the western side of the state, begins soon! You'll have quite a weekend of it if you attend the Tailwind training session on Saturday, September 10th and then head over to the Kisscross race at Plaster Creek Park in Grand Rapids on the next day.

Click on the Logo above to link to the Kisscross schedule for this season.

Note that these Kisscross races are day-of registration only and there is no license required. If that license thing intimidates you, there's no excuse now.

This is put on by the same people that put together Barry-Roubaix and Lumberjack 100, so it will be well organized and well run. That's the way things are done over there! (And there will be beer...check out the logo.)