DATES: Thursday evenings in August - Aug 11 and Aug 18 at Hunt Park. Aug 25 and Sep 1 at Leslie Park.

FEES: Adults $20 per clinic or $15 you pre-register. Juniors under 16 are $5.

Pre-registration is open, or just show up at the race! If you like us sign yourself up, if you don't, sign up someone you dislike!

Day of registration starts at 5:30PM, clinics at 5:45PM, and races at 6:30PM.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Darn! Way too nice a night for Cyclocross

It's beautiful out there. Sure, that's not real cyclocross weather, but I imagine most of you can tough it out. This evening begins your journey toward cold, wet, bitter, gruesome misery. But you'll start out with pleasant and warm. I think you can take it.

AAVC thanks Two Wheel Tango

AAVC thanks Dennis, Leslie, and all the knowledgeable staff at Two Wheel Tango for sponsoring the Velo Club for 2012. Keeping in the tradition of excellent bike shops in the area, TWT is a great one. Tonight’s CXpreX sends out a special appreciation for their support throughout the years.

Monday, August 27, 2012

CXpreX on the Bike Shop Show podcast

Rob and David discuss the joys of CXpreX on the Bike Shop Show podcast with Scott Dedenbach. Get a little of the background and some info on the upcoming series.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Not that cyclocross is about swag...But you're going to get it anyway. Fun stuff for those who CXpreX. You'll earn it. Look at the list of supporters and imagine the joy they're bringing you.

Remember, at CXpreX you can suck at 'Cross and still get really nice swag. Incentive for those of us mid-packers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Back for 2012!

CXpreX 2012 is cranking up the clinic machine to prepare you for another breathless season of Cyclocross. It will once again take place at Buhr and Leslie Parks (first two at Buhr, the final hillapalooza at Leslie on Mt. Sisyphus).

$10 a clinic, or all three for $25. 

CXpreX welcomes those new to the sport and those who've been at it since the dawn of time. Refresh those rusty skills or learn a whole new way to up your game. 

Have fun, stay active and keep the thrill alive.