DATES: Thursday evenings in August - Aug 11 and Aug 18 at Hunt Park. Aug 25 and Sep 1 at Leslie Park.

FEES: Adults $20 per clinic or $15 you pre-register. Juniors under 16 are $5.

Pre-registration is open, or just show up at the race! If you like us sign yourself up, if you don't, sign up someone you dislike!

Day of registration starts at 5:30PM, clinics at 5:45PM, and races at 6:30PM.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pre Registration opens Friday July 31 @ Noon. 

Signing up for the series is a great way to go. Series registration will get you one week at no charge or a 25% discount, depending on your particular point of view. 

 CXpreX Series Registration

If you can't commit to the entire series you can still register for individual sessions. The weekly session registration page(s) are here:

Week 1 @ Hunt Park
Week 2 @ Hunt Park
Week 3 @ Leslie Park 
The Grand Finale Week 4 @ Leslie Park
When you're on the page you'll need to select a category. Your choices are A, B, C, or Junior.  

The "A" group is designed for experienced racers who can go for a minimum of 40 minutes @ CXpreX and for 60 minutes in actual races. The sessions are to help these racers "tweak" their technique and race strategies to be more competitive. You will generally be racing in a Cat 1,2, or 3 'Cross Race

The "B" group is for the up and coming 'Cross racer. Perhaps a bit less skilled that the "A" group, but with some racing "chops". This is the group for you if you have racing experience and solid basic skills but want to learn and practice advanced techniques and race strategies. Your points series races are in the 30-40 minute range. You will generally be racing in the Cat 3 or 4 'Cross race.

The "C" group is for the new "Cross racer. Over the last 4 years of CXpreX we've learned how to teach the skills required to be a successful 'Cross racer. You will generally be racing in a Cat 5 or 4 race.

This year we've formalized the lessons we've learned to get up to speed (see what i did there) more efficiently. Each week we'll focus on 2-3 specific skills with a discussion/demonstration of the skills for that week, some practice time followed by a practice race and then post race we'll go over what we've learned. 

  • Week 1 we'll cover:  Basic Racing Skills and the Cyclocross mount and dismount
  • Week 2 will include a review of Week 1 and we will start with how to run barriers, ways to shoulder the bike and a tech talk about tires, wheels and tire pressures.
  • Week 3 will review the previous weeks and we'll add in how to safely corner your bike at high speeds and talk about 'cross specific handling skills and what to do before your race starts
  • Week 4 Finals Week! Here's where you get to show us what you've learned. We'll review all of the skills from the past 3 weeks and cover what to do on race day.

All sessions and Cat start @ 5:45

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CXpreX 2015

CXpreX 2015 is in the final planning stages - save these dates!

August 13 & August 20 at Hunt Park

Hunt Park location and directions

August 27 & September 3 at Leslie Park 

Leslie Park's infamous Mt. Sisyphus 




Pre-Registration will open soon, no USAC license will be required...